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Cooking Classes

At a local's home

Spend the day cooking in a local Moroccan home or with a Berber family in a village in the Atlas Mountains.  Find out about the customs behind a traditional Moroccan meal.  Learn to prepare a range of traditional foods!  Option to visit a local market to choose the food you will cook. 

Price from 45 euros

At a not-for-profit

Pick fresh mint from the garden and learn to make Moroccan mint tea along with other traditional dishes.  Or, if you have a sweet tooth, why not learn to prepare Moroccan pastries like gazelle horns, ghriba, beghrir or msemmen.

Price from 35 euros

Cycle and cook

Learn about the secrets of traditional Moroccan cooking and prepare a tagine in a traditional riad.  As your food cooks, you'll hop on your bike for a tour of the new town and to the Rose Gardens.  After working up an appetite, your food will be ready to enjoy at the riad.

Price from 55 euros

Cook with us

Learn how to mix the essential spices of Moroccan cuisine and help us prepare your evening meal including Moroccan bread (a staple part of the diet here), side salad, tagine or cous cous.    

Check out our daily menu to see what dish you want to create and enjoy.

Price from 30 euros

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