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Food & Drink

Sips & Bites Tour

Join Ayoub for an adventure around the coolest, local, hidden bars in the Red City.  Try Moroccan beer and grey wine and later indulge in some of the best local food in town.




Price 47 euros

Local Breakfast

Bisara, a must try.  A traditional Moroccan soup served at breakfast as it is good fuel for the day.  If you would like to visit a local cafe one morning instead of having breakfast at Manira Palm, just let us know and it would be our pleasure to eat with you at one of the roadside cafes. 



For more information on where to find booze in a Berber world, read our blog post here,

you'll find our top picks of licensed bars. 

As an FYI, Manira Palm isn't licensed to sell alcohol, however we don't mind you popping a bottle or two while you're here.  We can direct you on where to buy alcohol when you arrive. 


If you want the real Moroccan experience, just follow the locals. If you see a crowd busting out of a small hole in the wall, it’s probably a good indication the food is tasty (and cheap!)

There are also some other cafes that not only have good food but provide support local people so why not try AmalHenna Cafe or Cafe Clock.

Our Menu

Here you will find our menu.  We have daily specials too which will have to be left as a surprise for when you arrive.

Let us know of any dietary requirements, we cater for all.

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