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My Story

Nads is the founder of Manira Palm which is a hub for healing - both in Marrakech and online.  Nads dedicates her expertise to helping people create sustainability for soil & SOUL.  There is so much talk about sustainability for the environment, but what about sustainability for ourselves? Us humans can burn out too…

Her journey stared many moons ago during her travels around the globe.  Nads found the adventures put a lot of things in life into perspective but it was the yoga along the way that brought her back to herself. In her earlier years, yoga was exercise. In India, it was her movement towards inner peace.  By removing the notion yoga is based on touching your toes, she began to discover the presence within. She stopped chasing and started living.

Yoga became a practice she was called to share but her intention was rooted in learning to understand the language of her body, heal self limiting beliefs & use this combined knowledge to live in a flow state of being.  Since qualifying as a yoga instructor, she has gone on to open a eco lodge in Marrakech centred around culture, community, connection & conscious travel.  In her personal practice, Nads delved deeper into womb healing to overcome sexual trauma which has left her feeling liberated, empowered and embodying her cyclical nature.  She is now equipped to help women heal in the same way, unlocking secrets to their sacred wisdom and warrior power.  SAFE. STRONG. RESILIENT. FEARLESS. FREE….

She also believes that today we live in a world where “healing” has become a buzz word.  So she encourages creativity and pleasure in all of her offerings.  She creates a safe space for people to feel brave enough to sit in their own skin, all emotions welcome.   Are you ready to unleash your inner warrior with her?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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