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The experience

Let us help you immerse in Morocco's authentic culture and in return not only will we create lasting memories and enriching experiences for all our guests but in turn we are supporting local people, local charities, local businesses and local communities here in Marrakech and around.  

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Walking, Hiking, Cycling & Mountain Biking

With so many eco friendly ways to see Marrakech, we can point you in the right direction.  Whether it is on two wheels or two feet, both are great ways to explore the Medina and surrounding sights.  Or venture to higher heights and explore the Atlas Mountains and berber villages.


henna workshops

A henna artist from the local village visits Manira Palm for those wanting to be painted in traditional designs.  Real henna is naturally organic as it comes from a plant - it should be green in colour.  Be wary of black henna offered in the Medina.

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Pottery workshops

Discover ancestral pottery and reconnect with primitive art of modelling. Experience an apprenticeship of pottery with the wheel and familiarise yourself with traditional berber patterns.


Cultural workshops

Whether you are looking to explore your artistic flair or are just interested in seeing how traditional crafts are made here in Morocco, we have workshops to suit your every desire.  You have the opportunity to work with materials such as wood, brass, pot, leather or even palm leaves to create beautiful Moroccan products.


Cooking classes

Learn how to combine spices to create those unforgettable Moroccan flavours in your favourite tajine, soup and salad.  On market days you'll have the chance to bargain for your ingredients, if you wish.


Yoga & meditation classes

Both private and group yoga classes available daily.  All classes are tailored to suit your level.  Whether you're new to the practice or a yogic contortionist, modifications will be offered to suit everyone.  What's your style? Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin...

Check out our free online yoga classes on our You Tube Channel here.


Help out in a donkey refuge

Spend half a day at Jarjeer - a retirement home, orphanage and care centre for working donkeys and mules.  Learn about the great work they do and have the opportunity to meet and groom the donkeys.

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day trips - atlas and beyond

Explore Marrakech and beyond by visiting one of the beautiful towns or berber villages outside the city: Ourika, Imlil, Lake Takerkoust, Essourira, Ouzoud and more.


Why sustainable tourism is important

In 2015, the United Nations developed an agenda for sustainable development which aims to end poverty, tackle inequalities and combat climate change.  We believe tourism creates an opportunity to raise awareness to these problems and with this opportunity, Manira Palm will strive to contribute to a sustainable future.

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