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The Life, Essence & Soul: Moroccan artisans

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

One thing I love about Morocco and the locals, is their ability to make EVERYTHING... and to top it off, so much of it is made from natural materials. It really is magical to see the love and flare that go into all the products that ooze into the Medina stalls in Morocco. With skills that have been passed down from generations, Moroccan craftsmanship is something to be inspired by and proud of, as old traditions are kept alive.

Manira Palm encourages anyone who visits Morocco to experience how local people transform simple materials into desired items, that now fill so many homes.

It is after all, these local artisans that are the life, the essence and the soul of Morocco.

Sadly, right now their art cannot be shared as many rely on tourism to survive. Since the pandemic, 87% of artisan work has stopped. One great charity that has been set up to support these artisans, many of whom, no longer have access to food and basic amenities is Marrakech Artisan Fund

Another way to support local artisans, is to buy direct from the source. This way you can be confident talented craftsman are receiving a fair wage for their hard work. Since the pandemic, Manira Palm has opened an online store to help bring their work to you. Please visit Our Shop today.

Handmade Honesty.

Moroccan Essence.

Moroccan Soul.

All the love,


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