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Outdoor & Well-being activities


Daily yoga classes are available at Manira Palm, suitable for all levels.  Private sessions can also be arranged.  



Visiting the hammam is a Moroccan ritual and aimed at cleansing and relaxing.​  Whether it is a public steam bath you would like to experience or something a bit more luxurious, we have all the options.

Varying prices


Why not celebrate on your holiday and treat yourself to a traditional henna design by one of the locals?  See the preparation of henna paste from natural ingredients and observe the intricate skill of the artist.  Find out more about the origins of henna here.

Price from 10 euros

donkey sanctuary

Spend half a day at Jarjeer - a retirement home, orphanage and care centre for working donkeys and mules.  Learn about the great work they do and have the opportunity to meet and groom the donkeys.


Ride a bike

Would you prefer to take a leisurely bike ride around the local village,  a nearby lake or is mountain biking in the Atlas Mountains more for you?  Whatever you prefer, we can accommodate. 

Varying prices

Bike rental from 5 euros

Make natural cosmetics 

Visit a holistic centre in Marrakech dedicated to different practices of well-being.  Learn to make personalised beauty products with a trained team of naturopaths.

Price from 65 euros

Immersing in different cultures is known to boost well-being - for all workshops connecting you to Moroccan traditions click here.

Surf & Ski

Only a stone's throw away from Marrakech, you can find, not only ski resorts but surf hot spots too.


For year round water sports, why not try wake boarding at a park only 10 minutes from Manira Palm?

Prices from 30 euros

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