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Cultural Workshops


Explore the traditional Moroccan techniques used on a pottery wheel or experiment with primitive pottery making.  Learn how to prepare and mould clay into Moroccan ceramics.






Price from 50 euros

Leather work

Discover the materials and tools that Moroccan artisans use in leather production.  Whether you want to learn how an authentic Moroccan slipper known as a babouche is made or your musical interests lead you to a drum-making workshop.   

Price from 60 euros


Many Moroccan buildings are  detailed with grand patterns using a creative arrangement of zellige tiles.  Learn the techniques behind this traditional art in one of the mosaic workshops.

Price from 50 euros


Want to know more about Darija, the Arabic dialect spoken in Morocco?  Be introduced into Moroccan culture and develop your vocabulary to help bargain in the souks.  Head out into the medina with challenges to help put your new language skills to the test. 

Coming Soon

Wood Carving

The classical Berber and Beldi woodturning consists of giving cylindrical shape to any piece of wood using a wooden lathe.  Learn how to use this original apparatus and carve your own Moroccan wooden product.  

Price from 50 euros

Metal Work

Delicate brass work can be seen throughout Morocco, especially on beautiful chandeliers and Berber-style jewellery.  Experiment with hammering and engraving traditional geometric patterns on brass or design and create your own jewel.

Price from 35 euros


Come close to nature and discover how Moroccan artisans use raw materials like palm leaves and reed stems to produce objects and shapes through weaving and braiding.

Price from 50 euros

Carpet Weaving

Work alongside a craftswoman to gain knowledge on how wool is used to create traditional Moroccan carpets.  Or, if you are interested in the finer detail of Moroccan pattern work, join an embroidery workshop.

Price from 50 euros


Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice based on the Arabic alphabet. It is known in Arabic as khatt and was originally a tool for communication, but with time, it began to be used in architecture, decoration and coin design.

Price from 35 euros

If you are interested in more than one traditional craft, ask us about our craft discovery tours!

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