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How to make a Berber Omlette

Berber Omlette is a traditional and flavoursome dish that can be served at any time of day, not just breakfast. The eggs are poached in a spicy tomato sauce along with onions and peppers and is super simple to make.

Whilst #BerberOmlette is also known as Shakshuka here and in many other regions of North Africa, it differs slightly from the Isralei dish which is made with different spices and peppers. Here in #Morocco, the dish originated in the desert and has travelled across the Atlas Mountains through the Amazigh (Berber) villages.

#Amazigh meaning 'free people' - the original habitants here in Morocco.

The stapel ingredients of tomato, onion, pepper and eggs are consistent throughout many tribes, some have adopted different ways to serve and adding a different array of local spices.

A friend of mine in the village of Ouchfilne serves the eggs up with cous cous. In another village of Ijoukak, they add Ras-el-Hanout (the spice mix of all arabic spices). This certainly gives the sauce an extra Moroccan kick.

Here, the recipe is the baseline for cooking the perfect Berber Omlette. Even though it is traditionally cooked in a tagine, a shallow pan with a lid works in the same way. Also, I invite you to experiment with the flavours just like the tribes here in Morocco. If you're not one for spice, lessen the amount of hot paprika or add some cilli if you like it extra firey! For those on a plant based or #vegan diet, the sauce is tasty enough without the eggs. Alternatively, add in some scrambled tofu for the extra protein fix.

I'd love to know how you get on. B'Saha (Good Health), a term used here before someone sits down to enjoy a meal.



All the love,


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